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We are dedicated to the highest standards in the industry to position our clients in the best and the most advantageous financial position possible.

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We have excellent accountants who provide not only accurate accounting but also visuals and reports, all to help you manage your practice efficiently and effectively.  



At Drilldown Solution, we provide dental practices with accurate and effective bookkeeping services to help you make real-time decisions that accelerate growth.



Our Dental Business Mastermind provides resources, expertise, and peer support from a team with decades of business leadership experience.


Tax Preparation & Planning

Our tax planning solutions are custom-made based on the individual needs, wants, and goals of your dental practice or small business.


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Accurate and effective accounting services that accelerate growth

Partnering with DrillDown Solution is like having a chief financial officer right down the hall, thanks to video conferencing and screen-sharing. Since opening our business in 2004, we have made it our mission to help businesses grow to their maximum profitability.

The primary goal of our accounting and bookkeeping services is to help your business make and keep more money!


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Dental Business Mastermind

Providing relevant insight and information to make smarter business decisions

You receive the resources, expertise, and peer support designed to set you up for success in achieving your desired lifestyle and business goals. We begin with an in-depth analysis of what you are doing right and identify areas for improvement. Dental Business Mastermind members are grouped with experts and other dentists for peer support and to generate innovative solutions to real problems. We leverage technology to measure success and find further opportunities to achieve your desired outcome.


Our Mission

To increase our client’s financial position proactively, utilizing authentic and innovative tax, accounting, and consulting solutions.


Our Vision

Be a trusted partner to our clients and offer innovative and effective business solutions.


Our Values

DrillDown is a team on a mission, and our people are how we achieve it. We empower our team to solve problems, grow professionally, leverage technology, do the right thing, and go the extra mile because great work takes place in a great place to work.

Why Choose Drilldown Solutions

The primary goal of our accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, and tax planning services is to help your business make and keep more money!

  • At DrillDown Solution, we provide businesses big and small with accurate and effective accounting services to help them make real-time decisions that accelerate growth. Our accounting services reduce your administrative and bookkeeping burdens and provide you with valuable specific financial information for your particular business.
  • DrillDown's Dental Business Mastermind takes the results we offer in our tax and accounting services to the next level. Mastermind members receive personal guidance and get the support of other dentists to optimize their business success.
  • Our tax preparation and planning solutions help you proactively plan your business growth. Your company will benefit from our dedicated team of tax experts who work to quickly and efficiently maximize your business and tax planning results. At the core of our tax planning services is the promise that we will devise a tax strategy aimed at reducing your liabilities and optimizing profits for your business.

At DrillDown Solution, we place a strong emphasis on delivering unparalleled value. Gone are the days of billing by the hour, making your fiscal enhancements more efficient while bringing optimal value to your company.

We invite you to learn for yourself how knowledgeable, responsive and skilled our team is at improving your business' financial position. DrillDown Solution uses a combination of technology and personal care to deliver the best experience and results to our clients.

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See for yourself how each of our time-proven business services will save you time and money and help your small business spur unstoppable growth!

Stories of Awesomeness

Before partnering with us, a client believed he had identified all the financial strategies that were possible. He is educated in the employable options and didn’t expect anyone could do more for him.

We went through our 32-point planning assessment and created a financial projection. We discussed ideas and found an opportunity he had not heard of before. He was skeptical at first, but we worked diligently to ensure the process addressed his needs.

He now relies on us to help put money in his pocket so he may invest in his business and personal growth. It gives us at DrillDown Solution great gratification to benefit our clients with our success framework.

Anthony Litchfield

Tax Specialist

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Stories of Awesomeness

A young dentist in a rural town opened an office and was referred to us by another client. She was eager to learn and grow her practice. We implemented monthly financial services, a performance metric dashboard, and our DrillDown CFO support. Revenue increased 172 percent to $950,000 and the dentist’s personal income increased 324 percent. DrillDown systems educate dentists to increase revenue while reducing expenses without losing patient treatment time.

Ed Gabriel

President/Profit Consultant

Stories of Awesomeness

We had a client wrestling with constant struggles with cash flow. They were submerged and felt that they were digging a hole and might not ever recover. Frequently, they mentioned that they didn’t have any guidance from their accountant.

We promptly employed our vigorous approach to bookkeeping, quarterly planning, and tax preparation. We drilled down to the data needed to construct successful solution. We first built a system to steer spending to promote growth. Then we held their feet to the fire with quarterly planning and accountability. The frequent contact provided them with an awareness of their financial situation for the upcoming months. The client benefits from a sense of control over their finances and peace of mind knowing their bookkeeping and tax returns are accurate.

Ryan Pearson

Tax Manager

Client Testimonials

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Meet our Team

We invite you to meet the savvy, skilled professionals at Drilldown Solution who will each play a valuable role in helping your dental practice or business grow and be successful beyond your dreams!


unparalleled value

Why Choose Drilldown Solutions

Our customized accounting, consulting, and tax solutions maximize the success of your business. At DrillDown Solution, we place a strong emphasis on delivering unparalleled value to help your business make and keep more money to safeguard your financial future and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve!


Leveraging a dental CPA who knows the industry may not only save you money but help you avoid critical mistakes and opportunities for growth that a general-focus CPA may miss.



Our expert accountants will accurately track revenue, and monitor overhead, all as we help your dental business become more profitable.


Business Consulting

You will enjoy access to professional CPAs and business dental consultants to address the priority challenges unique to the moment in your business, allowing you to refocus on being a dentist and lead with confidence.


Tax Prepration

Our clients do more of what they love by letting us do what we do best to leverage technology and our superior client care to make tax preparation accurate, timely, and as simple as possible. We're here when you need us. Connect in person or virtually year-round.


Tax Planning

The DrillDown multi-year tax solution maximizes deductions, manages risk, and keeps more of your hard-fought financial resources in your pocket.


Dental Mastermind

Our Dental Business Mastermind provides resources, expertise, and peer support from a team with decades of business leadership experience.



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To further achieve our mission, we regularly post information to empower our clients to achieve their best financial position. Check back often to enjoy timely Drill Bits of business knowledge.